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Our services and applications support, raise, and re-level factory floors, walls and machinery bases. All our services are cost-effective and implemented efficiently and with minimum disruption.

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Technical Info

The URETEK polymer is primarily used to consolidate ground and to re-level settled structures. It is clear that, from a practical point of view, the most important property is compressive strength.

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Case Studies

We provide case studies on Dealing with sunken floors and subsidence in any home or enviroment.

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About Us

Our worldwide experience guarantees the highest quality performance and the ultimate results in sunken foundation and soil stabilisation repair.

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More about us

Geopolymetric innovations


Uretek During Project

Uretek Geo Systems (SA) (Pty) Ltd is the exclusive South African representative of Uretek Worldwide. Uretek is an international pioneer in geopolymer soil stabilisation and concrete slab lifting. What sets Uretek apart as an industry leader is the advanced and accurate system developed for concrete slab lifting and foundation stabilisation.

Having developed premier and globally patented systems of resin injection, Uretek has become synonymous with innovation and industry development. We offer a diverse and advanced range of ground engineering applications and services, ensuring you receive the best possible end result. Uretek South Africa is proud to have the exclusive rights to this innovative technology, offering the most advanced applications and ground engineering services to the domestic, industrial and commercial construction industry of South Africa.



Our Services



Re-levelling, Raising and Supporting of Concrete Slabs

Uretek provides accurate, fast and affordable remedial solutions in the stabilising of concrete slabs as well as the re-levelling of sunken concrete slabs. As industry experts, we provide services to a variety of clients, from domestic repair to large industrial repair.

    • Strengthening of Ground Foundation

The specialised Uretek Deep Injection Systems consolidate the ground. This specialised process increases the foundations bearing strength and promises long-lasting foundation support.

  • Piling Solutions

Uretek provides specialised ground stabilisation technologies. We are proud to introduce the new PowerPile 400 Series, a game changer in the industry.



The Past 35 Years



Our specialised applications support:

    • Floors
    • Factories and Warehouses
    • Buildings
    • Historical Buildings
    • Roads
    • Railways
    • Airports

The Uretek Difference:

  • Fast Solutions
  • Minimal Disruption
  • Economical Solutions
  • Permanent and Long-Lasting Solutions

With over 35 years of experience, the Uretek Network has treated over 100 000 sites throughout the globe. Our services are convenient, fast and economical ensuring you receive the best end result.




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Our Capabilities


Floor Repair 80%
Industrial Repair 95%
Road Repairs 85%
Building Improvements 80%
Airport Construction 75%
Railway Repairs 70%



  • “After a few months of with dealing with the problem I finally decided to get professional help. Here at Uretek I got just that! Brand new floors and a brand new smile on my face.”
    Piet Van Zyl
  • "All great comments. I Recommend Uretek to anyone with the same issue.  Plus, Uretek is the best support I've ever experienced!"
    Marion Bailey
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